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Alicja Trout
not a drumming girl
United States Of America
Alicja [alicja[AT]contaminatedrecords{DOT}com]

Alicja Trout ...

  1. was in The Clears.
  2. credited as "Daphne Diaphanous" she designed the cover for The Clears' debut album.
  3. credited as "Daphne Diaphanous" she had a track on The Sore Losers 2xLP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1997, SFTRI 338), see the Daphne Diaphanous page.
  4. is in The Fitts.
  5. was in The Lost Sounds.
  6. is on a tour 7", that was released to accompany the Bassholes/Monsieur Jeffrey Evans european tour, april 2001. Two tracks on it, one by Monsieur Jeffrey Evans/Nick Diablo/Alicja Trout: Sweatshop Blues (Claude Long) and one by Don Howland solo: Cowgirl Blues (Jessie Mae Hemphill) (dB's Records, 2001, db's 8).
  7. is/was (?) in the CC Riders.
  8. was in Ron Franklin Entertainers (version #3).
  9. is in Mouserocket.
  10. runs Contaminated Records.
  11. appears on the "The Singles" (1997-1999) Loverly Music 2xCD (Loverly Music, 2000, LMCD-0001). Her track is called Robot.
  12. is in Ron Franklin Entertainers (version #5).
  13. recorded the Blow Yourself Up CD-R by The Oscars (Contaminated Records).
  14. is/was/plays live/played live in Destruction Unit.
  15. is in Nervous Patterns.
  16. appears on lead vocals on Sons Of Cyrus' Begging Me For More.
  17. is in River City Tanlines.
  18. is in Black Sunday.
  19. recorded the Jump For Joy 7" by The Oscars (Goner Records).
  20. screw-mixed The Gagfactors's debut 7".
  21. is in Alicja-Pop.