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Don Howland
legendary man
Don Howland
P.O. Box 16643
Asheville, NC
United States Of America
Don Howland [wooden{DOT}tit[AT]hotmail{DOT}com]

Don Howland ...

  1. 's first band was Great Plains, he was listed as "Hank O'Hare".
  2. 's second band was Gibson Bros..
  3. also was in Gibson Bros. & Workdogs & Barry Hayden.
  4. is in Bassholes.
  5. was in Los Falanas.
  6. was in Ego Summit.
  7. appears on the Cheater Slicks 2xCD Forgive Thee (In The Red).
  8. has a track on the I Stayed Up All Night Listening To Records: A Collection Of Field Recordings CD (Anyway Records, 1999, AW 50).
  9. is on a tour 7", released for the Bassholes/Jeffrey Evans european tour, april 2001. It has 2 tracks, one by Jeffrey Evans/Nick Diablo/Alicja Trout and one by Don Howland solo (dB's Records, 2001, db's 8).
  10. was in Mike Rep/Jim Shepard/Don Howland/Tommy Jay.
  11. was in Burning Bush.
  12. has a solo CD out: The Land Between The Mountains CD (Birdman Records, year ?, BMR 0??).
  13. is in Wooden Tit.