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Jeffrey Evans
a living legend in our time
United States Of America

Jeffrey Evans ...

  1. was in Gibson Bros..
  2. also was in Gibson Bros. & Workdogs & Barry Hayden.
  3. is the man behind the '68 Comeback.
  4. appears on the Walter Daniels plays with Monsieur Jeffrey Evans & Oblivians At Melissa's Garage 10" (Undone, 1995, UDR-0008-10). This later on was reissued, together with a 7" by '68 Comeback as the Melissa's Garage Revisited LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1999, SFTRI 590).
  5. delivered a tape for Workdogs' "Workdogs In Hell", a CD assembled from many tapes.
  6. is/was in Monsieur Jeffrey Evans & La Fong.
  7. appears on songs by Adolescent Music Fantasy.
  8. co-produced, among others, the Monster Truck Five CD, entitled Dry Leaves ... Hot Wire CD. He plays guitar on one of the songs. It's released on Sympathy For The Record Industry (1996, SFTRI 438).
  9. recorded one-and a-half 7" by The American Death Ray, both 7"es are released on Misprint Records.
  10. produced the Tav Falco & The Unapproachable Panther Burns LP/CD Panther Phobia (In The Red, 2000, ITR-069).
  11. released some solostuff, it's listed on the Monsieur Jeffrey Evans "bandpage".
  12. recorded the debut LP/7" by Mr Airplane Man (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2001, SFTRI 649).
  13. recorded the debut 10" by the Porch Ghouls (Orange Recordings, 2001, OR-13).
  14. is/was in the CC Riders.
  15. recorded the Feather Bed & Other Mixes Remix E.P. 12" by the Ron Franklin Entertainers.
  16. is in South Filthy.
  17. is, with Scott Rogers, in the Memphis Roadmasters.
  18. is in Jeffrey Evans And Ross Johnson.