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Walter Daniels
mouth organ and more ...
Walter Daniels
1907 Northridge Drive
Austin TX 78723
United States Of America
Walter Daniels [hankwolf[AT]grandecom{DOT}com]

Walter Daniels ...

  1. was in Jack O'Fire.
  2. was/is in '68 Comeback for several occasions and recordings.
  3. appears on the Walter Daniels plays with Monsieur Jeffrey Evans & Oblivians At Melissa's Garage 10" (Undone, 1995, UDR-0008-10). This later on was reissued, together with a 7" by '68 Comeback as the Melissa's Garage Revisited LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1999, SFTRI 590).
  4. recorded a 7" with The Revelators.
  5. (despite other info) NEVER recorded anything with Jackknife.
  6. is in Big Foot Chester.
  7. plays harmonica on the album by The Hard Feelings, Fought Back And Lost LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2000, SFTRI 604).
  8. hopes to record with Texacala Jones (former Tex and the Horseheads singer).
  9. is in Walter Daniels & The Drunken Angels.
  10. is the main man on a 7" entitled Outta The Closet! (Au-Go-Go, 2000, ANDA 256). It has Mr. Daniels featuring 4 different groups:
    1. Los Primos
    2. The Bare-Ass Minimums
    3. The Stumpjumpers
    4. Plainfield
  11. appears on the debut album by The Hard Feelings.
  12. has recently recorded with Eugene Chadbourne.
  13. is among the most printed editorial dissentors of George "The Shrub" Bush in the Wall Street Journal Online and the local Austin American Statesman. Having this upper-crust New Englander claim our stateas his home is not a matter of pride with Texans - in fact - the assertion that this crud is Texan - them's fightin' words pal.
  14. was somewhere near Paris january 13th 2002 for an avant garde jazz festival with Eugene Chadbourne.
  15. is in South Filthy.
  16. appears on the debut CD of The Crack Pipes: Every Night, Saturday Night (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2001, SFTRI 646). He plays harp on "Woman" and saxophone on "I'm Yours".
  17. has a 7" out together with his brother Wade Driver. It's on Shake Your Ass Records (2003, SYA 004).
  18. recorded a CD together with his brother Wade Driver. It's called The Field Of Sounds and it features Mr. Daniels playing harmonicas, clarinets, saxophone, flute, nose flute and piper's chanter. He also does the vocals.
  19. is in Black Joe Lewis & Cool Breeze.
  20. appears on "Beautified" by Raunch Hands.
  21. appears on a 7" by The Hotrails.