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The Revelators
they were revelating Missouri and me
United States Of America

The Revelators #1:
(all released recordings, except the SFTRI 7")
Jeremiah: howl, vocal, singing
Schooley: wail, guitar
Mark: pound, tubs, drums

The Revelators #2:
(SFTRI 7")
Jeremiah: howl, vocal, singing
Schooley: wail, guitar
Mark: pound, tubs, drums
Walter Daniels

The Revelators #3:
(2nd (unreleased) album)
Jeremiah: howl, vocal, singing
Schooley: wail, guitar
Bill: drums


Walter Daniels' musical history
Bill Randt's musical history
John Schooley's musical history
Jeremiah Kidwell's musical history

The band broke up after recording their second album, which up til 2007 hasn't been released.

  1. Versus: The Prozac-Poppin' Whinin' Sissies 7" (Crypt, 1996, CR-068)
    1. Serve The Man
    2. Crawdad
  2. The Revelators Featuring Walter Daniels 7" (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1997, SFTRI 512)
    1. Old Slew Foot (Johnny Horton)
    2. Rockinitus (Billy Boy Arnold)
  1. We Told You Not To Cross Us ... LP/CD (Crypt, 1997, CR-073)
    1. Ain't Got A Thing (Sonny Burgess)
    2. Under The Gun
    3. Earthshaker, Yeah!
    4. Just Fine
    5. These Calloused Hands
    6. Hilbilly Wolf (Link Wray)
    7. Backseat Man
    8. Come Back Baby (Billy Boy Arnold)
    9. Serve The Man
    10. Riverplace Courtyard On The Square
    11. Let's Get Revelated
    12. Ain't That Hatin' You Baby
    13. Coming Unwound
    14. Don't Look At Me When I'm Looking At You
    15. You've No Mind
  1. Cheapo Crypt Sampler #2! CD (Crypt, 1997, CR-074)
    1. Serve The Man
    2. Earthshaker, Yeah!
  2. Crypt - Beat Generation CD (Beat Generation, 1997, no 5)
      along with no.5 (1997) of the magazine
      released in cooperation with Crypt
    1. Under The Gun
    2. These Calloused Hands
  3. Landlocked & Loaded CD (Trouble In River City, 2000, TIRC-001)
    1. She's My Baby Doll (Terry Clement & The Tune Tones)
    2. Pot Smokin' Pussy
  4. Root Damage 2xCD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2003, SFTRI 713)
    1. Old Slew Foot
  5. Walter Daniels Blows His Top LP (Lady Kinky Karrot Records, 2008, LKKK03LP#2)
      Walter Daniels plays on all tracks, this LP actually is a tribute to his 20 years of 100% pure screamin' raw blues harp
    1. Love One Day