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Daniel Johnston
a true legend
United States Of America

Daniel Johnston ...

  1. released some solomaterial, listed on the Daniel Johnston "bandpage". It is released under various names like Daniel Johnston, Daniel Johnston And The Rhythm Rats, Daniel Johnston And Slow Death vs. The Instant Coffin.
  2. released material, recorded in cooperation with others, like Yo La Tengo, Mark Linkous, Jad Fair, David Fair and others. Some of that material is also listed on the Daniel Johnston "bandpage", other stuff has it's own "bandpage", see below.
  3. was tributed with a series of tree 7"es released on german label Little Teddy Recordings (LiTe 707, LiTe 714 and LiTe 718).
  4. is in Daniel Johnston And The Hyperjinx Tricycle.
  5. appears on Butthole Surfers' "All Day" on the "A Texas Trip" LP (Caroline, 1987, CAROL 1339).
  6. is/was in Jad & David Fair, Daniel Johnston.
  7. is/was in Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston.
  8. is in Danny And The Nightmares.