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Dan Kroha
HERO from Detroit
United States Of America

Dan Kroha ...

  1. is the brother of Muffy Kroha.
  2. was in Start.
  3. was in The Onset.
  4. was in Gories.
  5. was in Rocket 455. All together he is on 6 songs.
  6. was in Demolition Doll Rods.
  7. is, together with Mick Collins, special guest on a Fireworks recording. It is the b-side of the "Baby Go!" 7" on Human Fly and they do the backing vocals on "Don't Let It Go", Dan also plays rhythm guitar.
  8. appears with Honeymoon Killers. Dan is on "Just Don't Know" and "Subway Rider Blues" (which he wrote together with Jerry Teel).
  9. does some backing vocals on the "Ghetto Blaster" album by Red Aunts.
  10. recorded an album with Andre Williams and Mick Collins. It's called "Silky" (In The Red, 1998, ITR-056).
  11. recorded a 7" by Andre Williams & 2 Star Tabernacle.
  12. is in Danny And The Darleans.