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Human Fly
excellent Detroit (!) label
Human Fly
P.O. Box 24889
Detroit, MI 48224
United States Of America
Marty [twtop[AT]aol{DOT}com]
  • HFR-001 Rocket 455, Caution 7"
      some on clear green vinyl, some on clear red vinyl
    1. Go To Hell
    2. American Soul Spiders
  • HFR-002 Fireworks, Baby Go! 7"
      this is with special guests Mick Collins and Dan Kroha (both do vocals and Dan also plays rhythm guitar on the b-side)
      1000 copies, 100 with a special cover
    1. Baby Go!
    2. Don't Let It Go
  • HFR-003 Detroit Cobras, Village Of Love 7"
      500 copies of the original release
      there's a bootleg reissue of 200-500 copies on blue vinyl
    1. Village Of Love (Nathaniel Mayer)
    2. Maria Christina (Tony Valla And Alamos)
  • HFR-004 Henry And June, Goin' Back To Memphis 7"
      300 copies
    1. Goin' Back To Memphis
    2. Lowdown Streamline