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The Queers Covers
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  1. Rat Traps: I Don't Wanna Work
         on Gonerfest 2 - Electric Goneroo (CD+DVD, Goner Records)
  2. Black Sunday: I Don't Wanna Work
         on Black Rabbit Of Death (CD-R, Contaminated Records)
  3. Black Sunday: I Don't Wanna Work
         on I Don't Wanna Work (7", Zaxxon Records)
  4. The Sonic Dolls: Kicked Out Of The Sonic Dolls
         on Electric Man (7", Let's Dance Records)
  5. Teengenerate: Kicked Out Of The Webelos
         on V.M.Live Presents Teengenerate (7", V.M.L.)
  6. The Nerds: Meatwagon
         on Blow Out With History (A Compilation Of Wimpy's The Queers Covers) (LP, Booze Recordings)
  7. New Bomb Turks: This Place Sucks
         on Drunk On Cock (10"/CDEP, Engine)
  8. Mach Pelican: Ursula's Finally Has Tit's
         on Mach Pelican (CD, 1+2 Records)

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