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This Damn Town
United States Of America
This Damn Town/Alex Cuervo [zomboid[AT]sbcglobal{DOT}net]

This Damn Town #1:
Alex Cuervo
Jeremy Diaz
Kari Luna
Dillon Strange

This Damn Town #2:
Alex Cuervo
Jeremy Diaz
Kari Luna
Dillon Strange

This Damn Town #3:
(debut 7")
Alex Cuervo
Kari Luna
Jeremy Diaz
Dillon Strange

This Damn Town #4:
Alex Cuervo: vocals, guitar
Jeremy Diaz: guitar, vocals
Alyse Mervosh: drums
Tom Kodiak: bass


Alex Cuervo's musical history
Jeremy Diaz's musical history
Kari Luna's musical history
Dillon Strange's musical history
Alyse Mervosh's musical history
Tom Kodiak's musical history

Omar was in MagSeven, Adventures Of Jet, and the Fabulous Harmonaires.

  1. This Time 7" (Shake Your Ass Records, 2005, SYA 012)
      50 copies on blue vinyl, 300 copies on black vinyl
    1. This Time
    2. If I Told You
    3. Two Broken Fingers
  2. Victim 7" (Solid Sex Lovie Doll Records, 2006, SSLD 025)
      numbered with red ink stamp, 2 editions:
      CHAINS OF HEAVEN ED. (250 copies)
      CURSED TOWN ED. (249 copies)
    1. Victim
    2. I Wanna Die
    3. Ghost Train
    4. Head Full Of Devils
  3. Tattered 7" (Chicken Ranch Records, 2007, CRR-1007)
      orange vinyl
    1. Tattered
    2. I Got No Use
  4. Love Like Lies 7" (Perpetrator Records, 2007, PERP 14)
      recorded by Mark Ryan
    1. Love Like Lies
    2. From The Bottle To The Bible
  1. split 7" (Sonico Records, 2005, SORE.06)
      1st version: white vinyl, red-and-white sleeve
      2nd version: black vinyl, black-and-white sleeve
    1. This Damn Town: Love Sick & Stupid
    2. This Damn Town: Something Bad
    3. The Guilty Hearts: I Learned My Lesson
    4. The Guilty Hearts: Seven Days Seven Ways
  1. This Damn Town CD-R (Selfreleased, 2004, no cat no)
    1. This Time
    2. Two Broken Fingers
    3. Tattered
    4. Inaxy (Onstermay)
    5. If I Told You
    6. I Got No Use
    7. Head Full Of Devils
  2. This Damn Town CD-R (Selfreleased, 2005, no cat no)
    1. Ghost Train
    2. I Wanna Die
    3. Lovesick And Stupid
    4. Bottle To The Bible
    5. Victim
    6. Love Like Lies
    7. Something Bad


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  2. This Damn Town @