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The Napoleons
dutch garageband
The Napoleons
Hugo De Grootstraat 328
2613 VD Delft
The Netherlands
Eric Geevers [bietel[AT]xs4all{DOT}nl]

Eric Geevers: vocals, guitar
Joke Visschedijk: bass
Rixk Heidt: drums
Toody: added a vocal to Train To Whateverwhere, this was recorded over the phone, intercontinentally


Eric Geevers' musical history
Toody Cole's musical history

  1. In Sound Shape 7" (Tombstone Records, 1998, TS-74)
    1. I Won't Give You Up
    2. You're Too Much
    3. Jezebel
    4. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
  1. split 7" (Tombstone Records, 2002, TS-78)
    1. The Napoleons: Wigout
    2. The Napoleons: Bugger Hi-Fi
    3. The Napoleons: No Alternative Left
    4. The Napoleons: Train To Whateverwhere
    5. Dr. Reverb: Je Veux En Plus
    6. Dr. Reverb: Gimcrack
  1. Delftsche Ondergrond CD (Delftscene, 1999, DS001)
      other bands ? their tracks ?
    1. Gonna Miss Me (13th Floor Elevators)
  2. Opscene #8 CD (Opscene, 1999, #8)
      free with magazine #71, jun/jul 1999
    1. You Came My Way
  3. In The Cole Mind: A Tribute To Fred Cole And Dead Moon 2xCD (Last Chance Records, 2000, LC 006)
      first CD has a "White Moon" and features 20 tracks
      second CD has a "Black Moon" and features 20 tracks too
    1. Frustration
  4. AMP Records Has A Hard-On For 3xCD (AMP Records, 2002,
    1. Plenty Of Misery
  5. Motorwolf Den Haag Motor Rock Volume One CD (Motorwolf Records, 2003, MWCD 013)
    1. Wig Out
  6. Ook Leuk Om Te Horen! CD (SPOD, 2004,
      other bands ? their tracks ?
    1. I Don't Like You
  7. GBR Zine CD (GBR, 2004,
      other bands ? their tracks ?
    1. My Little Red Book


  1. The Napoleons official website