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Mad Daddys
rootsey band
United States Of America

Mad Daddys #1:
(Apes Go Wild LP)
Zeus Simmons: guitar
Fletcher Sirs: drums
Slim Chance: bass guitar
Stinky Sonu Buoni: vocals

Mad Daddys #2:
(Cat Scratch Fever! 7")
Stinky: vocals
Slim Chance: bass
Screamin' Johnson: guitar
Wrongo Starr: drums

Mad Daddys #3:
(Get Yer Ta Tas Out! LP)
Stinky Sonobuoni: vocals
Eddie Cochring: guitars
Pete Moss: bass
Malcolm Tex: drums


Slim Chance's musical history

  1. Alligator Wine 7" (Subpop, 1989, SP 31)
      Subpop Singles Club #7, may '89
    1. Alligator Wine (Leiber, Stoller)
    2. Take Me Back To Woodstock
  2. Cat Scratch Fever! 7" (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1990, SFTRI 042)
    1. Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent)
    2. Yeah
  1. split 7" (Demolition Derby, 1994, DD 016)
    1. Mad Daddys: I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
    2. Devil Dogs: Ragdoll
  2. split 7" (Pure Vinyl, year ?, PV 002)
      750 copies, different colors vinyl
    1. Mad Daddys: Pretty Thing (Willie Dixon)
    2. Trash Mavericks: I Can Tell (Bo Diddley)
  3. split 7" (Pure Vinyl, year ?, PV 003)
      750 copies, different colors vinyl
    1. Mad Daddys: Hanky Panky
    2. Rik Slave & The Phantoms: Prostitute
  1. Apes Go Wild LP (New Rose, 1987, ROSE 110/NR 335)
    1. Mistaken Child
    2. That's The Bag I'm In
    3. I Rock
    4. Go Go
    5. Take A Trip To The Other Side
    6. Stoned For The Rest Of My Life
    7. Inside Looking Out
    8. Porno King
    9. Ain't That Lovin' Ya Baby?
    10. The Shoemaker
  2. Get Yer Ta Tas Out! LP (Nitro!, 1996, NITRO 008)
      exclusive vinyl licence of their CD on Flipside/RAFR
    1. Take A Trip To The Other Side
    2. I'm Buzzin (In A Major Way)
    3. Take Me Back To Woodstock
    4. Pretty Thing
    5. Stoned For The Rest Of My Life
    6. Johnny's Gone Cold
    7. Cool Spool
    8. Give It To Me
    9. Downtown
    10. Porno King
    11. Acid Rain Dance
  3. Swing Daddy, Swing CD (Safety Pin Records, year ?, SPCD-015 (HUH?))
      tracks ?
  4. Fifty Dollar Baby CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, year ?, SFTRI 206)
      tracks ?
  1. Thats' Bad! (Music For Unrepentant People) - Punch One! CD (Do The Dog!, 1998, DTD 291098A)
    1. Good 'n' Stoop It
  2. Groovin' Round The World: A Tribute To The Flamin' Groovies 2xCD (Safety Pin Records, 2000, SPCD-010/11)
      Double Digi-Pack Limited Edition
    1. Comin' After Me (The Flamin' Groovies)
  3. A Fistful Of Rock N Roll Vol. 5 LP/CD (Tee Pee Records, 2001, TP-024)
    1. Shake It Like You Mean It
  4. Their Sympathetic Majesties Request: Volume 2 2xLP/2xCD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2003, SFTRI 300)
    1. So Macho