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The Collywobbles
dutch punkrock
The Collywobbles
Langestraat 117a
7891 GH Klazienaveen
The Netherlands
Erick [monsterrock[AT]planet{DOT}nl]

The Collywobbles #1:
(first 7")
Richard: drums
Chris: vocals
Roberto: guitar
Erick: bass

The Collywobbles #2:
(split 7", debut CD)
Ronny: rhythm guitar
Ritchy: drums
Chris "Daddy Cool" W: vocals
Robby: lead guitar
Ricky: bass


They "had to kick out" Chris W and renamed themselves because of it. The new name of the band is Black Rodeo.

  1. King Of Men 7" (High School Reject Records, 1999, HSR 004)
      this one's on High School Refuse Records
    1. King Of Men
    2. Bad Luck
  1. Double Or Nothing Vol. 1 7" (Roulette's Records, 2002, RR 7.002)
      the tracks by The Collywobbles are co-produced by Robert Van Der Giesen
    1. The Collywobbles: Goin' Down
    2. The Collywobbles: Race, Sin & Live To Win
    3. 69 Charger: Going Down
    4. 69 Charger: Live To Win
  1. Excellent Barfighters CD (Deadlock Records, 2002, DEAD 003)
    1. Got No Love
    2. Hellride
    3. Rock Is A Gift
    4. Selfdestroyer
    5. Nightrider
    6. Killerman
    7. Rockcity #1
    8. Show Me What You Got
    9. Oh Yeah
    10. If You Only Knew Me (Action Swingers)
    11. On My Knees
  1. DP (Or Not DP) #3 2xCS (DP (Or Not DP), 2000, #03)
      there's a booklet accompanying the 2xCS
    1. Killerman
    2. On My Knees
  2. Rocketdog Sessions CD (Roulette's Records, 2003, RR.FUCK.CD.002)
      all tracks recorded by Mr. Rocketdog Egbert Hotz
    1. Self Destroyer


  1. The Collywobbles official website