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What is/was/will be this ?
Thanks to the dutch broadcasting organisation VPRO I was able to let you hear the music that I certainly liked. The program was on internet radio only (sadly) and it was called (how surprising):
"Grunnen Rocks Radio".
It got broadcasted on monday every week between 15:00 and 16:00 CEE. Afterwards you could still listen to it "on demand" for up to 8 weeks. Below there's an incomplete list of shows that I compiled.

Shows Overview

click on a speaker to hear the radio-show ...
click on a triangle or the "name of the radioshow" to go the playlist ...
N/A means "not available", which results in you not being able to listen to it ...


  1. Grunnen Rocks Radio @ (dutch)
  2. 3 Voor 12 @ (dutch)
  3., get your realplayer here

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