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Kid Congo Powers
legendary man in a new band!
United States Of America

Kid Congo Powers ...

  1. was in The Cramps.
  2. was in The Gun Club.
  3. was in Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds.
  4. produced a 12" by the dutch band Claw Boys Claw.
  5. was in Fur Bible, who released the Plunder The Tombs 12" on New Rose back in 1985.
  6. was in Congo Norvell, together with Jack Martin.
  7. was in The Bottleneck Drag.
  8. was in Knoxville Girls.
  9. produced the 2nd 7" by The Starlite Desperation (Gold Standard Laboratories, 1999, G§L 20).
  10. appears on the No Comprendo album by Khan (LP: Playhouse, 2001, Nr. 49/CD: Matador, 2001, OLE 497-2).
  11. appears on Cork & Monkey on a 7" by The Sadies (Mint Records, 2001, MRS-047).
  12. is in Kid & Khan, they have a 7" out on City Rockers.
  13. appears on guitar on Rob K's The End Of The Earth CD (Orange Recordings, 2004, OR-25).
  14. is in Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds.


  1. Kid Congo Powers discography