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United States Of America
Umbrella Records [umbrellarecords[AT]hotmail{DOT}com]
  • UR7S 1 The Patsys, In And Out With You 7"
    1. In And Out With You
    2. Teenage Kicks (The Undertones)
  • UR7S 2 Magic City/The Patsys split 7"
    1. Magic City: Teenage Electricity
    2. The Patsys: Have You Got Soul?
  • UMB001 The Patsys, You're Gonna Pay! CD-R
    1. You're Gonna Pay!
    2. Wrong End Of Summer
    3. Wrecked
  • UMB002 The Patsys, Never Kill A Boy On The First Date CD-R
    1. Never Kill A Boy On The First Date
    2. Invisible Girl
  • UMB003 The Patsys, Beneath You CD-R
    1. Beneath You
    2. Gone
  • CD 001 The Patsys, Both Sides Never CD
    1. Buttoned-Down Pt. 2
    2. Give It To Me
    3. What She Said
    4. Won't Ask Why
    5. Knock Yourself Out
    6. The Trouble With A Girl Like You
    7. Into The Woods
    8. Her Kind Of Man
    9. Are You Receiving Me
    10. See You Too Soon
    11. Dead Things
    12. Gonna Be Mine
    13. Promises, Promises
    14. hidden track = You Met Your Match (Stevie Wonder)