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Take Root Records
rootsey label
United States Of America
  • 005 The Ettes, Look At Life Again Soon LP/CD
      Produced by Liam Watson.
    1. I Get Mine
    2. Marathon
    3. Chilled Hidebound Hearts
    4. To Arms
    5. Crown Of Age
    6. I Heard Tell
    7. Two Shakes
    8. You Can't Do That To Me
    9. Pay Up
    10. Girls Are Mad
    11. Where Your Loyalties Lie
  • 007 The Ettes, Danger Is CDEP
    1. No Home
    2. Lo And Behold
    3. Subject
    4. The Rules (Live At Steve Allen Theatre - LA, 2004)
    5. I Heard Tell (Live At Arlene's Grocery - NYC, 2008)
    6. Marathon (music video)
    7. Crown Of Age (music video)
    8. I Get Mine (music video)
  • 010 The Ettes, Do You Want Power CD
      Produced by Greg Cartwright, he appeared and cowrote a song aswell.
    1. Red In Tooth And Claw
    2. I Can't Be True
    3. So Say So
    4. Take It With You
    5. Love Lies Bleeding
    6. Modern Game
    7. I'll Be Your Lover (But I Can't Be Your Baby)
    8. Blood Red Blood
    9. Seasons (Earth & Fire)
    10. While Your Girl's Away
    11. Walk Out That Door
    12. No Home
    13. Keep Me In Flowers