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Squinty Joe Records
uk punklabel
United Kingdom
  • SJR-006 Accelerators, My Baby Is An Undertaker 7"
    1. My Baby Is An Undertaker
    2. The Night Feels So Much Better Than The Day
    3. The Rain
    4. Burning Bridges
  • SJR-009 Accelerators/Zatopeks split 7"
    1. Accelerators: I Dont Want To Know
    2. Accelerators: Kicked In The Front Of My Head
    3. Zatopeks: Scum On The River
    4. Zatopeks: Amy Tonight
  • SDR.49/SJR-012 Accelerators, Accelerators LP/CD
    1. Ready Set Go
    2. The Rain
    3. I'm Not Sorry
    4. Got Kicked in The Front Of My Head
    5. 12, Three Crosses Street
    6. All Eyes On The Fire
    7. Go Get Your Brain Checked
    8. Borrowed Time
    9. OK By Me
    10. Stab You Till You Bleed No More
    11. 30,000 Cigarettes
    12. We Don't Know What To Say
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