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Goomah Records
dutch indie label
The Netherlands
  • goomahcd 6 I Kissed Charles, I Kissed Charles CDEP
    1. Over Before It Had Started Yet
    2. Close To You
    3. I'm Too Young
    4. Rough Diamond
    5. Everything We've Beaten Up
  • goomahcd 12 I Kissed Charles, This Is Not Romantic CD
    1. People Come But Lovers Go
    2. Over Before It Had Started Yet
    3. Lets French Tonight
    4. Boys, Dump Your Girfriends
    5. What Happened To Your Smile
    6. Pre Tour Peptalk
    7. Moments Of Pleasure (And Everything After)
    8. I Know You Know
    9. Everything Weve Beaten Up
    10. Rebuild Rebound
    11. Rough Diamond
  • goomahcd 38 The Silhouettes, The Silhouettes CD
    1. Don't Feel The Same
    2. I'm Not Scared
    3. All A Lie
    4. To The End
    5. At The Disco
    6. Upside Down
    7. Saturday
    8. To Love Someone
    9. Digital Proof
    10. Broken Sunset
    11. We Linger On
    12. Who's To Blame
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