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Matt Verta-Ray
from NYC with love
Matt Verta-Ray
106 Ridge #3A
New York, NY
United States Of America
Matt Verta-Ray [verta{DOT}ray[AT]gmail{DOT}com]

Matt Verta-Ray ...

  1. was in Madder Rose.
  2. was in Blackflies.
  3. is in Speedball Baby.
  4. recorded a 7" by The Prissteens.
  5. recorded and mixed (together with Peter Arsenault and Andy Adler) the 20 Miles/Doo Rag split 2x7"/CDEP (Au-Go-Go, 1998, ANDA 238)
  6. produced the first Lo-Hi album (Sympathy For The Record Industry and P-Vine).
  7. is in Valentine Six now, they have a CDEP upcoming on PCP records. He recorded it at his own NY Hed Studio.
  8. was in The Now Time Delegation.
  9. is going to produce the next album by a band called Factory Press.
  10. engineered and appears on the Andre Williams Bait And Switch LP/CD (Norton Records, 2001, ED-288).
  11. recorded a six song 12" with Mick Collins, Alex Cuervo and Steve Adkins in the summer of 1998, tentatively called The Odd Numbers, the recordings aren't released yet.
  12. is in The Oubliettes.
  13. appears on the Andre Williams, The Monkey Speaks His Mind 7" (Norton Records, 2002, 45-105).
  14. appears on the I Sing The Booty Electric album by The Voltaire Brothers.
  15. appears on guitar, bass and backing vocals on Rob K's The End Of The Earth CD (Orange Recordings, 2004, OR-25).
  16. is in Heavy Trash.
  17. appears with Das Boot. He also produced an album by them.
  18. appears on a 7" by Rob K (Unsound Recordings).
  19. recorded a 7" by Triple Hex (Thigh High Records, THR 003).


  1. Ny Hed Studio is a studio he's working with/in