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Lorette Velvette
legendary girl
United States Of America

Lorette Velvette ...

  1. was in The Hellcats.
  2. was in Tav Falco & His Panther Burns.
  3. is on a song by Adolescent Music Fantasy.
  4. toured Europe with Scott Bomar.
  5. appears with a solo-track on the Love Is My Only Crime LP/CD (Intercord, 1993, IRS 964.966).
  6. recorded a special soundtrack single with Mick Collins, for - Wayne County Ramblin' (Lamplighter Records, 1997, EST 06).
  7. was in Ron Franklin Entertainers.
  8. was in the Alluring Strange.
  9. is a solo artist, she probably has loads of releases, among 'em are:
    1. White Birds CD (Veracity Germany, 1993,,
      an out-of-print CD featuring guest appearances from Alex Chilton (Big Star, The Boxtops, early The Cramps producer) and Mick Collins, 10 tracks produced by Alex Chilton.
    2. Eager Boy 7" (Singles Going Steady, 1993, SGS-9301),
      with both Alex Chilton and Mick Collins appearing.
    3. 29th Century Boy 7" (Loverly Music, 1995, LM-9502-7)
  10. is in NYC group the Kropotkins (includes Dave Soldier, Mo Tucker ...).
  11. appears on the "The Singles" (1997-1999) Loverly Music 2xCD (Loverly Music, 2000, LMCD-0001). There's a compilation track on Shangri-La Records too.
  12. is married to Alex Greene.
  13. in 2000 had a solo CD out on Okra-Tone Records, the CD is entitled Rude Angel.
  14. has a track on A History Of Memphis Garage Rock: The '90s CD (Shangri-La Records, 2003, shangri-la 037).