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Tom Smith
United States Of America

Tom Smith ...

  1. was in To Live.
  2. was in Shave In L.A.
  3. or he was in "To Live And Shave In L.A.", I don't know :-)
  4. was in Peach Of Immortality.
  5. was Pussy Galore's original metal percussionist: he was with Pussy Galore on a temporary basis from around september 1985 through january 1986. He created the "Oven Bait" tape excerpted on the "Corpse Love" CD. This tape is mentioned in the liner-notes to be a boot, which it actually is, according to Rick Hall. Tom Smith was unhappy with Pussy Galore after their first tour with Peach Of Immortality (during which he played in both bands). As retaliation, he advertised - in Forced Exposure - the "Oven Bait" cassette, which was just an old practice tape (from one of the very first Pussy Galore rehearsals) that Tom drenched in reverb. He meant for it to showcase the band's incompetence, as it consists of a full hour of everybody just trying to play one or two songs. Rick Hall doesn't know how many Tom sold, if any, but he has a copy, so its existence is for sure.