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Jay Reatard
retarded JAY!
United States Of America

Jay Reatard ...

  1. his real name was Jay Lindsey.
  2. was in Reatards.
  3. was in Eunuchs.
  4. was in New Memphis Legs.
  5. recorded (together with Tony Giglio) the debut album by The Persuaders.
  6. was in The Lost Sounds.
  7. was in one-off band Bad Times.
  8. was in CC Riders.
  9. was in Final Solutions.
  10. was/played live in Destruction Unit.
  11. was playing bass with The Oscars.
  12. was in Nervous Patterns.
  13. appears as "Jay Lindsey" on Black Sunday's debut: "Tronic Blanc" LP/CD (Dirtnap Records, 2005, ZZZ-57).
  14. was in Angry Angles.
  15. mastered The Hex Dispensers' first album.
  16. had some great solo-stuff out, it's listed on the Jay Reatard "bandpage".
  17. played live with Digital Leather.
  18. was the one and only man in Terror Visions.
  19. produced Earthmen And Strangers's debut LP
  20. mastered Jeffrey Novak's debut LP (LMN Records).
  21. sadly died on january 13, 2010. He'll be missed.