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Calvin Johnson
legend from Olympia, WA
United States Of America

Calvin Johnson ...

  1. is in Beat Happening.
  2. runs K Records.
  3. was in The Go Team.
  4. recorded the Cavern By The Sea MLP by Thee Headcoats.
  5. is in Dub Narcotic Sound System.
  6. is in The Halo Benders.
  7. also appears on Beck's wonderful One Foot In The Grave album.
  8. appears with Pansy Division on their Jackson 7" (K Records, IPU 52).
  9. appears on the What's Your Defect? 7" by Refect Refect.
  10. recorded the Godzilla 7" by Nikki McClure (K Records, IPU 57).
  11. recorded the Power Cruise 7" by Demolition Doll Rods (Wäntage USA, 1997, WAN-007).
  12. recorded some songs for the Acme album by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
  13. is in the one-off Dub Narcotic Sound System & The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion project, that recorded the "Soul Sideways" album.
  14. appears in the K Records Documentary by Heather Rose Dominic.
  15. released a new soloalbum in 2001, entitled What Was Me (K Records).
  16. is in Calvin Johnson & Mark Pickerel.
  17. releases solo-stuff too, see Calvin Johnson "solopage".