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Scott Jarvis
NYC hero
United States Of America

Scott Jarvis ...

  1. is in Workdogs.
  2. was in Gibson Bros. & Workdogs & Barry Hayden.
  3. played for Half Japanese - Music To Strip By and The Band That Would Be King.
  4. played (as did Rob Kennedy) with the Velvet Monkeys on the Big Big Sun CS (K Records) and the unreleased Keith Must Die and Southern House EP's.
  5. was (like Rob Kennedy) in Moe Tucker's road band but only Scott made it to the Life In Exile record.
  6. played for Panther Burns (but not on record).
  7. played for Julee Cruise (but not on record).
  8. was in Cigaretz.
  9. was in High Sheriffs Of Blue.
  10. was in Cooties.
  11. was hired (alongside Rob Kennedy) on to Purple Geezus.
  12. is in Jerry Teel And The Big City Stompers.
  13. appears on drums on Rob K's The End Of The Earth CD (Orange Recordings, 2004, OR-25).
  14. appears on a 7" by Rob K (Unsound Recordings).