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Greg Cartwright
from Memphis with love
United States Of America
Greg Cartwright [gregcartwright[AT]reigningsound{DOT}com]

Greg Cartwright ...

  1. was in Compulsive Gamblers.
  2. was Greg Oblivian in Oblivians.
  3. was/is in '68 Comeback for several occasions and recordings.
  4. is in Adolescent Music Fantasy.
  5. appears on the American Slang 12"EP/CD and the So Low LP/CD by Jack Oblivian.
  6. was in Greg Oblivian & The Tip Tops.
  7. is in Compulsive Gamblers.
  8. recorded the first album by The Deadly Snakes and he also plays on a few songs.
  9. appears on the Andre Williams Is The Black Godfather LP/CD (In The Red, 2000, ITR-065).
  10. was in The Deadly Snakes.
  11. is/was in Walter Daniels & The Drunken Angels.
  12. is in Reigning Sound.
  13. lives with Esther Oliver.
  14. played one liveshow only with the Knaughty Knights.
  15. appears on the 3rd LP by Mr Airplane Man.
  16. co-produced the 4th album by Detroit Cobras.
  17. is in Detroit Cobras.
  18. as the excellent songwriter he is, he wrote songs for The Fondas, Mary Weiss & Reigning Sound and probably some more ...
  19. is in Mary Weiss & Reigning Sound.
  20. produced, with Billy Miller, the "Don't Come Back" 7" and the "Dangerous Game" album by Mary Weiss & Reigning Sound.
  21. recorded a 7" by Suttree (G004), he also appears on it.
  22. is in Greg Cartwright.
  23. produced the third album by The Ettes. He also appeared and cowrote a song.