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Judah Bauer
Allright, take it away JUDAH!
United States Of America

Judah Bauer ...

  1. was in The Thrown Ups.
  2. is in Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
  3. appears with the Honeymoon Killers on Reflections On A Plane Trip Home, Milt's The Man, Jonestown Boogie, Joe's House and their Munster 7".
  4. appears, together with the other two of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, with R.L. Burnside.
  5. is, together with his brother Donovan, in 20 Miles.
  6. is in the one-off Dub Narcotic Sound System & The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion project, that recorded the "Soul Sideways" album.
  7. appears on Andre Williams' Lap Dance 12" (In The Red, 2000, ITR-066).
  8. appears on Andre Williams' Is The Black Godfather LP/CD (In The Red, 2000, ITR-065).
  9. appears on the Uptight! album by Speedball Baby.
  10. appears on Speedball Baby's The Blackout LP/CD (In The Red, 2002, ITR-086).


  1. Judah Bauer official website