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Sonic Assault (Hit Or Miss) Records
punkrock label
United States Of America
  • SACD-R01 Jeffrey Novak's One Man Band, To Hell In A Hand Basket CD-R
      orange sleeve edition: 25 copies
      white sleeve edition: 50 copies
    1. Get Out Of My House!
    2. Platinum Blonde
    3. Street Walker
    4. Jungle Beat
    5. Here I Am, I Always Am (Captain Beefheart)
    6. Cut Me Loose
    7. On Through The Nite
    8. She's A Rat
    9. Chantilly Rocks (& A Pony's Tail) (Monsieur Jeffrey Evans)
    10. Trouble Man
    11. Come On'
    12. Woman Like You
    13. The Way I Walk (Jack Scott)
  • SACD-R02 Jeffrey Novak's One Man Band, Jungle Beat Stomp CD-R
    1. Junkyard Blues
    2. Never Good Enough
    3. Pine Box Rock
    4. Jungle Beat Stomp
    5. One Trick Pony
    6. Sugar Shack
    7. Doin' The Shake
    8. I Don't Take Much
    9. Teenie Weenie Bopper
    10. Tugboat
    11. The Crusher (The Novas)
    12. She Rides A Rockin' Horse
    13. Been A Fool Too Long
    14. Alright
    15. She's Got The Leather
    16. Whistle Bait (The Collins Kids)
    17. Working Blues (HOCR-CD only)
    18. Road Runner (HOCR-CD only) (Bo Diddley)
    19. Get In The Car (HOCR-CD only)
  • SACD-R03 Jeffrey Novak's One Man Band, Go Way Out CD-R
    1. Burn out!
    2. Nothing Can Bring Me Down (The Twilighters)
    3. Go Way Out
    4. Mad Lover (Oblivians)
    5. Fire In The Hole Pt. 1
    6. Fire In The Hole Pt. 2
    7. Stabbed In The Back
    8. Little Girl
    9. Go Way Out (boombox version)
    10. Coming Back Again
    11. Teenage Psycho
  • SACD-R04 Jeffrey Novak's One Man Band, Jeffrey Novak One Man Band CD-R
      Paddy Bullocks' collector scum edition: 19 copies
    1. Tonight
    2. Nothing To Do
    3. Nothing Can Bring Me Down
    4. Shutdown
    5. Back Off
    6. Dirty Red Boots
    7. Kick The Door Down
    8. I've Lost It
    9. Southern Trash
    10. Stay Away From Me
    11. Medication
    12. Come Around
    13. Don't Leave Me Alone
    14. She's So Wild
    15. Better Get Ready