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Pleasure Unit Records
United States Of America
  • PUN Blue Balls, Drowning In The Box CS
    1. Drinkin' Coffee Up My Ass
    2. Yer Cooler Than Me
    3. You Rub My Balls (And I'll Rub Yers)
    4. I'm A Spazz
    5. What Are You Doin'
    6. Deprogram (Suburban Mutilation)
    7. Hear Them Talking
    8. Coming After You
    9. Head Upside My Head
    10. Down Wind Of You
    11. Little Blue Man
    12. Window Of Oppurtunity
  • PUM Blue Balls, Stupid Genius CS
    1. Pauly V Likes My Dad
    2. This Heart Is Fucked
    3. Blue Ball Two Is A Pussy Has No Penis
    4. I Don't Want To See You On The Holidays
    5. Do The Senior Belgian Waffle Slam
    6. Picture Perfect Moments Without A 40 Of Lazer
    7. I'm Nothing
    8. Group Fuck Island
    9. It's A Shame
    10. Dance Party Usa
    11. Bottom Dweller
    12. Nature's My Friend
  • PUL Blue Balls, Short And Tight CS
    1. Don't Care About Nothing
    2. I'll Give You...
    3. Liar
    4. Sick
    5. Stab Your Eye
    6. Cookie
    7. Ripped To Shreds
    8. Stick People
    9. Every Time
    10. Transparent Haze
    11. Hope For Rain
    12. She's Down
  • PUK Blue Balls, Talk To The Trees And Sing About Them Too CS
    1. I'm A Hippy
    2. A) Five Reasons Why
    3. B) Operation: Enduring Freedom
    4. C) Your Prisons Are Like Sex To Me
    5. D) Eat Me (A Tree)
    6. E) I'm A Duck
    7. F) Peace, Man
    8. Life Alert
    9. I'm Creepy
    10. Spelling Error
    11. Spineless
    12. Moonbeams And Rainbow Drops
    13. Song 5
    14. Blue Cellophane
  • PUJ Blue Balls, Don't Eat The Ass Burgers CS
    1. Jesus Says
    2. Knee Deep
    3. One Bad Bottle
    4. Try Suicide
    5. The Chair Song
    6. Red Hot Poker
    7. I'm A Storyteller
    8. Let's Go Get Beat Up
    9. The Wizard's On The Drums
    10. Baby Likes To Bowl
    11. God Told Me (Sebadoh)
    12. High Schoolers Drinkin' Schnapps
  • PUI Blue Balls, It's All About The Butt CS
    1. Comic Genius
    2. Be A Gem
    3. No Wipe Shit
    4. Fuck Me
    5. Lasso
    6. Wet Wipe
    7. Pee/Estella/What Did I Expect
    8. I Wrote This Song Whilst Pooping
    9. I'm Gay
    10. Like A Turd In The Punchbowl
    11. I Fucked My Bed
    12. Her Ass Is Huge In A Really Good Way
  • PUH Blue Balls, You Can't Go Wrong With Sheep Fucking CS
    1. Handicap Man
    2. Grill Mate: Rest In Pieces
    3. You Feel Pain
    4. 42 Fuckers
    5. Seven Course Italian Dinner
    6. Spider Pussy/Insect Vagina
    7. Goddamnit I'm Pissed (Captain 9's And The Knickerbocker Trio)
    8. (There Ain't) No Flowers (In Rock-N-Roll)
    9. No Brakes
    10. Wendy Is A Crackhead, Yeah Yeah Yeah
    11. Garbage Gestapo
  • PUG Blue Balls, Give Me Suicide Or Give Me Death CS
    1. Picture Of Jesus In Her Wallet
    2. Cotton Swab
    3. Reflective Tape
    4. Ducks
    5. Blue Sky Above
    6. Going The Wrong Way, On The One Way Street, In Your Mind
    7. 1/4 Dead (Rudimentary Peni)
    8. Very Best Of Deep Purple
    9. Double Bladed Sword
    10. Richard's Lament: (Slight Return)
    11. What Happened To El Salvador
  • PUF Blue Balls, Rocktoberfest Party Anthems: Vol 4. CS
    1. Casey's On The Drums
    2. Rules Of The Road
    3. Heavy Metal Saved My Life
    4. High On Life - High On Death
    5. My Rules (Void)
    6. Save Me
    7. Lost Cause
    8. Them Nazi Dykes
    9. I Need You In Another Hole
    10. Still Going To Eat It
    11. Just Talking About My Dick
  • PUE Blue Balls, Love Fuzzy Animals CS
    1. Star Power
    2. Metal Lube
    3. Get Intimate With Me
    4. Big Fuckin' Metal Pole
    5. One Minute A Day
    6. Big Blue Fuckin' Dog
    7. I Hate Sex, Drugs, And Rock-N-Roll
    8. The Fit And The Fury
    9. Nirvana Friendly Pleasure Unit Shifter
  • PUD Blue Balls, To Orgasm But Are Cut Off Abruptly Before Climax CS
    1. Give Me Something Sweet
    2. Take It Like A Man
    3. My Bird Song
    4. Anymore
    5. Electronic Tempature Control
    6. Heat Stroke
    7. Heat Index Of 129 Degrees
    8. Hung Like A Squirrel
    9. Pauly V.'s Revenge
    10. Todd Is A Turd, Trisha Is A Twat
    11. Eat My Ass Gravy
    12. Soft Talkin' Steve
  • PUC Blue Balls, If You Don't Get It That's Too Bad CS
    1. Old Man Bigot
    2. K9 Lover
    3. Whimsical
    4. (When You Said You Like It) Stalking Ain't No Fun No More
    5. For Good
    6. Fake It
    7. I Got A Hard On For Ya, Baby
    8. Pftbelrg
    9. Velvet Surprise (Demolition Doll Rods)
    10. But My Mom's Right Upstairs
    11. Key To My Asshole
    12. Wild Thing (The Troggs)
    13. You Coolness Is Contingent On...
    14. Is An Affliction Which Commonly Strikes Men When They Are Brought Very Close
  • PUB Blue Balls, Fuck Warped Tour Special Edition CS
    1. Fake It
    2. Old Man Bigot
    3. K9 Lover
    4. King Of The Hill (Captain 9's And The Knickerbocker Trio)
    5. Forcefed Jesus (Want Nots)
    6. Wild Thing (The Troggs)
    7. But My Mom's Right Upstairs!
    8. Key To My Asshole
    9. Mother (Danzig)
    10. I Hate Myself And Wanna Die (Nirvana)
  • PUA Blue Balls, Ridin' The Wave CS
    1. Paul V Like My Dad
    2. Jackie O Has A Lovely Wardrobe
    3. Fuck You
    4. Broken Sticks
    5. If You're Not My Mama And You're Not My Dog (I'll Fuckin' Kill You)
    6. It Only Takes 5 Seconds
    7. Get Down
    8. Break Me
    9. Pool Stick
    10. Hot Tubin' With Schuster
    11. Never End
    12. Can't Handle The Truth
    13. Part-Time Guy
    14. The Victim
  • PU one Strong Come Ons, Trailer Sessions 7"
    1. Black Hole Baby
    2. Make Me Feel So Good
    3. Come With Me
    4. The Imposter