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Now! Records
garage label
Now! Records
1615 Sixth St. NE #2
MN 55413
United States Of America
Now! Records [nowrecords[AT]hotmail{DOT}com]
  • NON-01 The Macgillicuddys, Fargo Strut 7"
    1. Fargo Strut
    2. Nothin' Nice
    3. Iwojima Mama
  • NON-02 The Dialtones, With The Dialtones It's Always A Double A Side 7"
    1. Back In The City Tonite
    2. Take Me Back (To My Girl On Time)
  • NON-03 The Dialtones, Oh Baby Doll 7"
    1. Oh Baby Doll
    2. Not Ready
  • NON-04 Dixie Buzzards, Brand New Routine 7"
      Special 3-D Sleeve!
    1. Brand New Routine
    2. Train 19
  • RNR 45-007/NOW-06 X, X-Aspirations LP
    1. Suck Suck
    2. Present
    3. Simulated Lovers
    4. Police
    5. Revolution
    6. Turn My Head
    7. Good On Ya Baby
    8. Delinquent Cars
    9. I Don't Wanna Go Out
    10. Dipstick
    11. It Must Be Me
    12. Coat Of Green
    13. Waiting
    14. Batman

The label was called Now Or Never (thus the NON-#s) but too late, Liliana found out there is a terrible hardcore label by that name, so she had to change to Now! Records.

  1. Now Records official website