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No Name No Logo
c/o Giacomo Francioni
Via Barontoli, 420
53010 S. Rocco A Pilli (S)Italy
  • NN 001 The Nerds, - Don't Like You - 7"
    1. I'll Kick You In The Balls
    2. I Don't Like You
    3. The Todd Killings (Angry Samoans)
    4. The Hermit Wanna Eat Me
  • NN 002 Retarded, Saturday Night I Wanna Go To The Show 7"
    1. Drive-In Tonight
    2. Teenage Backward
    3. Kathy
    4. Saturday Night I Wanna Go To The Show
  • NN 003 Retarded, Retarded LP
    1. Let's Go In My Bedroom
    2. Judy Wants To Be My Girl
    3. You're Not Cool
    4. Bikini Beach Party
    5. Danny's Lie
    6. Come Back To Me
    7. Stupid Boy
    8. Baby I Wanna Dance With You
    9. Let's Keep Going The Show
    10. Saturday Night I Wannago To The Show
    11. Let's Dance & Twist Again
    12. Baby Doll
    13. I Wanna Be The Same
    14. The Right Thing