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High Water Recording Company
legendary blueslabel from Memphis
United States Of America
  • 409 Jessie Mae Hemphill, Jessie's Boogie 7"
    1. Jessie's Boogie
    2. Standing In My Doorway Crying
  • 410 R.L. Burnside, Bad Luck City 7"
      band name is R.L. Burnside And The Sound Machine
    1. Bad Luck City
    2. Jumper Hanging Out On The Line
  • 411 Ranie Burnette, Coal Black Mattie 7"
    1. Coal Black Mattie
    2. Hungry Spell
  • 412 he Fieldstones, Looking For A Fox 7"
    1. Looking For A Fox
    2. Blues At Nightfall
  • 418 Junior Kimbrough, Keep Your Hands Off Her 7"
      record is credited to Junior Kimbrough And The Soul Blues Boys
    1. Keep Your Hands Off Her
    2. I Feel Good, Little Girl
  • 424 Waynell Jones, The Chicken Song 7"
    1. The Chicken Song
    2. Jaybird Boogie
  • LP 1001 he Fieldstones, Memphis Blues Today! LP
    1. The Fieldstones
    2. Dirt Road
    3. I'm In Trouble
    4. Just One More Time
    5. Angel Of Mercy
    6. Saddle Up My Pony
    7. Short Haired Woman
    8. Little Bluebird
    9. Sweet Home Chicago
    10. The Squeeze

Many albums and some tracks from singles have been rereleased on CD by Hightone Music Group, a division of HighTone Records.

  1. Once More, High Water Is On The Rise by Dennis Rozanski
  2. Once More, High Water Is On The Rise, Part II by Dennis Rozanski
  3. HighTone Records official website