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Freakshow Records
italian label
Freakshow Records
Via XI Febbraio N° 2
20056 Trezzo S.Adda (MI)
Boss [boss[AT]freakshowrecords{DOT}com]
  • FKSCD 001 Mirsie, Aliens In A Bra CD
    1. B/M
    2. Enter Jon
    3. 'Ash
    4. Fetish Girl
    5. Nation Code
    6. The Space
    7. I Came From The Future (OK)
    8. Song For A
    9. Magic Fire
    10. My Naked Cousin
    11. Hot Blonde Cocktail (Chrome Cranks)
  • FKSCD 002 Sonic Assassin, State Is Enemy Forever CD
    1. Set My Brain On Fire
    2. King Of Cunts
    3. Murder City Nights (Radio Birdman)
    4. I Wanna Turn Off Your Smile
    5. Take It Easy To The End
    6. Love Kills (Radio Birdman)
    7. Domination
    8. Let's Burn Together
    9. Indu God (Of Love) (Lipstick Killers)
    10. Eyes For Eyes
    11. I'm A Liar, I Play With Fire!
    12. Rest In Pieces
    13. Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys)
    14. What I Done To Her (Beasts Of Bourbon)
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