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  • ALP07 Out Of Their Mouths And Into Your Head 4x7"
      on respecitively yellow, red, green and blue vinyl
    1. Tigerlillies: These Things
    2. The Wolverton Brothers: Our Town
    3. Ass Ponys: Live 'Til I Die
    4. Chrome Cranks: Fool On Ice
    5. The Murkins: Character Assassination
    6. Sugarhead: Piece Of Candy
    7. Schwah: Smokebomb
    8. Plastic Jesus: All Good Things
  • ALP11 Chrome Cranks, "Oily Cranks" (Early Raw Rare Material) LP/CD
      compilation of unavailable/hardly available/unreleased tracks
    1. Come On Come In (from the Insipid 7")
    2. Fool On Ice (from the Out Of Their Mouths 4x7", their debut release, and later on the 2xCD)
    3. Way Out Lover (slower take of the track on the SFTRI 7" and the Crypt MLP)
    4. Doll In A Dress (way earlier version of the same track on their debut album)
    5. Comeback (previously unreleased, first Chrome Cranks song ever written)
    6. Cool As Ice (from the Your Invitation To Suicide 2xLP)
    7. Foul Stench Of Love (earlier version of "Stuck In A Cave")
    8. She's Got A Brain (previously unreleased)
    9. (I Was) Sleeping (previoulsy unreleased, same session as "Fool On Ice")
  • ALP38 Out Of Their Mouths And Into Your Head MK. II 2xCD
      other bands ? their tracks ?
    1. Chrome Cranks: Fool On Ice
  • ALP142CD The Flesh Eaters, Miss Muerte CD
    1. Miss Muerte (edit)
    2. Blonde Cobra
    3. Silver
    4. Azami
    5. Violent Lullaby
    6. Hotwire
    7. Part Time Wife
    8. Tombstone Dialect
    9. Before I Die
    10. Lost Diamonds
    11. Miss Muerte
  • ALP143CD The Flesh Eaters, No Questions Asked CD
    1. Sleeping Sickness
    2. Jesus Don't Come Through The Cotton
    3. Police Gun Jitters
    4. Dynamite Hemorrhage
    5. Ten Inch Razor
    6. Kiss On My Cheek
    7. Suicide Saddle
    8. Cry Baby Killer
    9. Dominoes
    10. Crazy Boy
    11. The Child Comes First
    12. Home Of The Brave
    13. Impossible Crime
    14. No Questions Asked
    15. Word Goes Flesh
    16. Pony Dress
    17. Version Nation
    18. Disintegration Nation
    19. Agony Shorthand
    20. Radio Dies Screaming
    21. Twisted Road
    22. Disintegration Nation
    23. Agony SHorthand
    24. Twisted Road
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