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The Shirelles Covers
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  1. The Beatles: Baby It's You
         on Introducing ... The Beatles (LP, Vee Jay)
  2. The Beatles: Boys
         on Rock 'n' Roll Music Volume 1 (LP, Music For Pleasure)
  3. The Beatles: Boys
         on Introducing ... The Beatles (LP, Vee Jay)
  4. The Gain: Boys
         on Beet The Meatles! (7", G.I. Productions)
  5. The Gain: Boys
         on A B C D & E 1992-1998 (LP/CD, Slovenly Recordings)
  6. Gore Gore Girls: I Don't Think So
         on Up All Night (LP/CD, Get Hip)
  7. Slow Slushy Boys: Voice Of Experience
         on Presents 10 Fabulous Hits (10", Larsen Recordz)
  8. The Husbands: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
         on Introducing The Sounds of The Husbands (LP/CD, Swami Records)

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