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Freestone Covers
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  1. Reatards: Bummer Bitch
         on Gonerfest 2 - Electric Goneroo (CD+DVD, Goner Records)
  2. Suicide Kings: Bummer Bitch
         on High & Mighty (LP, Listen Loudest)
  3. The Humpers: Bummer Bitch
         on High & Mighty Suicide Kings (CD, Sonic Records)
  4. Reatards: Bummer Bitch
         on Live (LP, Goner Records)
  5. Reatards: Bummer Bitch
         on Re-Press (7", Contaminated Records)
  6. Reatards: Bummer Bitch
         on Get Out Of Our Way (7", Blahll! Records!!)
  7. Anal Babes: Bummer Bitch
         on The Dignity Of The Anal Babes Is Unimpeachable (LP, Big Ball Records)

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