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Roky Erickson Covers
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  1. The Jerry Spider Gang: Bermuda
         on Kinky Pussy (7", Aaargh! Records)
  2. The Double Agents: Don't Slander Me
         on Makin' Eyes (7", In-Fidelity Recordings)
  3. Weanietots & El: For You
         on All The Way From Unox (4xCS-box, Selfreleased)
  4. 27 Devils Joking: I Am Her Hero, She Is My Heroin
         on Love Vibration (CD, Sympathy For The Record Industry)
  5. The Penetrators: If You Have Ghosts
         on Bad Woman (LP/CD, Slovenly Recordings)
  6. Entombed: Night Of The Vampire
         on split (7", Earache Records)
  7. The Wildebeests: She Lives In A Time Of Her Own
         on The Wildebeests, She Lives In A Time Of Her Own (7", Sympathy For The Record Industry)
  8. Antiseen: Two Headed Dog
         on Destructo Blitzkrieg (LP, Zuma)
  9. Jeff Dahl Group: Two Headed Dog
         on Scratch Up Some Action (LP, Dog Meat Records)
  10. Antiseen: Two Headed Dog
         on Two Headed Dog (7", Ajax)
  11. Lyres: We Sell Soul
         on A Promise Is A Promise (CD, Matador)
  12. Lyres: We Sell Soul
         on We Sell Soul (7", Taang! Records)

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