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Black Sabbath Covers
only covers of this band listed here

  1. Magoo: Black Sabbath
         on Two Sonic Scratches Of The Big Bad Rock Arse (7", Fierce Panda)
  2. The Hellacopters: Dirty Women
         on Dirty Women (7", Bang! Records)
  3. Orange Goblin: Hand Of Doom
         on Nuclear Guru (10", Man's Ruin Records)
  4. Orange Goblin: Hand Of Doom
         on split (CD, Man's Ruin Records)
  5. Kyuss: Into The Void
         on split (CD, Man's Ruin Records)
  6. Kyuss: Into The Void
         on Into The Void (10", Man's Ruin Records)
  7. Bored!: Iron Man
         on split (7", Brain Salad Surgery)
  8. Bored!: Iron Man
         on 'Self Titled' EP 'Take It Out On You' & More! (CD, Afterburn)
  9. Zen Guerrilla: Mob Rules
         on Mob Rules (7", Safety Pin Records)
  10. Los Natas: Paranoico
         on Tormenta Mental Y Paranoico (7", Black Juju)
  11. Steel Pole Bath Tub: Paranoid
         on Lurch (LP/CD, Boner)
  12. Adam West: Supernaut
         on Sizzleen (7", Glazed Records)
  13. Mogwai: Sweet Leaf
         on Two Sonic Scratches Of The Big Bad Rock Arse (7", Fierce Panda)
  14. Ana Do Rei: Sweetleaf
         on 69 N Hole (7", Freaked Out Frequencies)
  15. Raped Teenagers: Sweetleaf
         on It's Your Choice (2x10", Your Choice Live Series)
  16. Powder Monkeys: The Wizzard
         on split (7", Fandango Records)
  17. Unholy Swill: War Pigs
         on Legacy Of Stupidity (CD, Noiseville)
  18. Unholy Swill: War Pigs
         on War Pigs (7", Noiseville)
  19. Freakwater: War Pigs
         on Your Goddamned Mouth (7", 1 1/4 York)
  20. Unholy Swill: War Pigs
         on Buy This Or The Dog Gets It (LP-box, Noiseville)

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