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Thrall [thrall23[AT]juno{DOT}com]

Thrall #1:
(I Want You 7")
Mike Hard: vocals
Karen Neal: bass, vocals
Kevin Hagen: guitar
Terry Bradley: drums

Thrall #2:
(Chemical Wedding album)
Mike Hard: vocals
Karen Neal: bass
Paul Thor: guitar
Kevin Hagen: lead guitar
Scott Kodrik: drums

Thrall #3:
(former members, but at what point ?)
Tommy Shannon: guitar
Jon LeMay: drums


Mike Hard's musical history
Scott Kodrik's musical history
Jon LeMay's musical history
Tommy Shannon's musical history
Paul Thor's musical history
Kevin Hagen's musical history
Karen Neal's musical history

  1. I Want You 7" (Reptilian Records, 1997, REP 023)
    1. I Want You
    2. Eye Socket To You Daddy
  2. Remove And Replace CDEP (Selfreleased, 2001, no
      sold on shows or through the internet
    1. Remove And Replace
    2. Night Fell
    3. Hollow We Follow
    4. Where Are My People
  1. Chemical Wedding LP/CD (Alternative Tentacles, 1996, Virus 189)
    1. Sometimes I Get This Urge
    2. The Blood Is The Life
    3. Have You Ever Been Conned
    4. Psychic Attack
    5. I'll Do What You Say
    6. Do It Now
    7. It's Okay
    8. Gas Station Speed
    9. I Will Always Love You
    10. Mommy And Daddy Were Alien Gods
    11. Goliath
    12. No Mark! No Milk!
    13. I Am Not Afraid
  2. Hung Like God CD (Reptilian Records, 2002, REP 060)
    1. Hollowed We Follow
    2. Night Fell
    3. Hopelessly In Love
    4. Don't Shoot Me
    5. God Damn Devil
    6. Is My Love Safe Inside You?
    7. Where Are My People
    8. Remove And Replace
    9. Our Love Will Survive
  1. Maximum Avant Cruelty! 7" (Alternative Tentacles, 1997, Virus 204)
      other bands ? their tracks ?
    1. Under Control
  2. Sonic Assault #2 CD (Reptilian Records, 2001, REP 0??)
    1. Where Are My People?


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  2. Thrall @ alternative tentacles.
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