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from Memphis with love
PMB #79
1910 Madison Ave.
Memphis, TN 38104-2620
United States Of America

Tearjerkers #1:
(debut LP)
Jack Yarber: singing, cryin', moanin' eletrick and acoustic guitars
Scott Bomar: bass guitars-electrick, upright, and baritone accordian, organ and piano
John 'Bubba' Bonds: drums and percussions
John Whittemore: electrick and acoustic guitars, pedal steel, fuzz bass, organ, backing vocals

Tearjerkers #2:
(second LP)
Jack O: vocals, guitar
John Whittemore: guitar, pedal steel
Bubba Bonds: drums, percussion
T. Money: bass guitar

Tearjerkers #3:
(Chills & Fever 7")
Jack Yarber: guitar, vocals
Margaret Garrett: guitar, vocals
T. Money: bass guitar
Adam Woodard: organ
Bubba Bonds: drums

Tearjerkers #4:
(Original Mixed Up Kid 7")
Jack Yarber: guitar, vocals
Margaret Garrett: guitar, vocals
Terrance 'T-Money' Bishop: bass
Bubba Bonds: drums
Adam Woodard: organ, piano
Harlan T. Bobo: lap steel


Jonathan "Harlon T. Bobo" Acosta's musical history
Scott Bomar's musical history
Jack Yarber's musical history
Margaret Garrett's musical history

  1. Chills & Fever 7" (Brown Sound, 2005, BS 001)
      released under the bandname "Tennessee Tearjerkers"
      500 copies
    1. Chills & Fever (Ronnie Love)
    2. I Want You
  2. Original Mixed Up Kid 7" (Bancroft Records, 2006, BR-005)
      credited to "The Tennessee Tearjerkers"
      recorded by Scott Bomar
      white vinyl
    1. Dirty Nails
    2. 100 Proof Man
    3. Original Mixed Up Kid
  1. Bad Moon Rising LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2001, SFTRI 643)
    1. White Lie, Black Eye
    2. Stupid Cupid
    3. Wire Tapper Calling
    4. Dollar To Death
    5. Teeny Weeny Little Bit
    6. Make It Hard
    7. Bank, Gun, Jail
    8. Head Of The Glass Clowns
    9. Earthquake Date (Pretty Bad Baby)
    10. Devil's Border
    11. Bottomless Purse
  2. Don't Throw Your Love Away LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2005, SFTRI 735)
      released under the bandname "Jack O & The Tearjerkers"
    1. Ain't Got No Money
    2. Still Got It Bad
    3. Mad Dog 20/20
    4. Dope Sniffin' Dog
    5. Too Hard To Hold
    6. Flashcube
    7. A Bullet For Ramona (Warren Zevon)
    8. Fire
    9. Loose Diamond
    10. Lookin' For A Love (Bobby Womack)
  1. Root Damage 2xLP (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2003, SFTRI 713)
    1. Bank, Gun, Jail
  2. Root Damage 2xCD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2003, SFTRI 713)
    1. Bank, Gun, Jail
  3. Broad Daylight Soundtrack CD (Guerrilla Monster Films, 2003, #12300)
      soundtrack of a film by John Michael McCarthy
    1. Flashcube


  1. has a live-radio show with 'em