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Wade Driver: washboard, sleigh bells, raft pump, vocals
Dusty Dick Hayes: washtub bass, baritone horn, vocals
Davy Jones: acoustic guitar, vocals
Jeff Smith: vocals, washboard


Wade Driver's musical history
Davy Jones' musical history

  1. Hard Corn 7" (Toxic Shock Records, 1987, brr003)
    1. Driftwood 40-23
    2. Vittles
    3. Corn Foo Fighting (Carl Douglas)
    4. Take It Easy (The Eagles)
  2. We Got The Eggnog If You Got The Whisky 7" (Toxic Shock Records, 1989, TOX-014)
    1. We Got The Eggnog If You Got The Whisky (The Reverend Otis Moon)
    2. Frosty Blue Christmas (traditional)
  3. Fun While It Lasted 7" (Matako Mazuri Records, 1989, M.M.#8)
      singled is credited to "Plastic Patrick & Hickoids"
      tracks ?
  1. We're In It For The Corn LP (Matako Mazuri Records, 1985, M.M.#4)
    1. Rodeo Peligroso
    2. Williamanza
    3. Hickoid Heaven
    4. The Longest Mile
    5. Burnin' Love (Elvis Presley)
    6. I Pity The Man
    7. Whoa Nelly!
    8. It's A Beautiful Thang
    9. Hee Haw (TV show theme)
    10. Animal Husbandry
    11. U Kin Lead A Hoss To Water, But He Still Drinks On His Own
    12. Desire
    13. O.A.F. Anthem
    14. Cortaminated
    15. Say So Long
  2. Waltz A Crossdress Texas LP (Toxic Shock Records, year ?, txlp9)
    1. Queen Of The Bar-B-Q
    2. Pennsylvania Mexican
    3. There Stands The Glass (Webb Pierce)
    4. Toothpick Man
    5. Jumping Bean Bolero
    6. Brand New Way
    7. Mr. Punk Rock Voo-doo Man
    8. Git Back In The Truck
  1. Metal Moo Cow LP (Matako Mazuri Records, 1984, M.M.#2)
    1. Animal Husbandry
  2. Bands On The Block LP (Matako Mazuri Records, 1985, M.M.#3)
      other bands ? their tracks ?
    1. Cornaminated
  3. Woodshock 85 2xLP (El Jefe Records, 1986, EJ-D-21201)
      released for a festival in Texas of the same name
      other bands ? their tracks ?
    1. It's A Beautiful Thang


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