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The Easy Livin'
surfrockinin trash
The Easy Livin'
P.O. Box 1186
Old Chelsea Station
NY, NY 10011
United States Of America
Chris Lynn [easylivinnyc[AT]hotmail{DOT}com]

Cheech Sweet: vocals, bass, tambourine
Rusty Floyd: vocals, drums, maracas, cabasa
José Cuervo: vocals, guitar, farfisa


Rusty Floyd's musical history
Chris Lynn's musical history
José Moreno's musical history

  1. So Messed Up 7" (Cacophone Records, 2000, CPR 45012)
    1. So Messed Up
    2. Give Me Everything
    3. Billy's
  2. You Don't Know 7" (Pure Vinyl, 2002, PV 023)
      500 copies, splattered green vinyl
    1. You Don't Know
    2. K-Mart Dominatrix
    3. Doesn't Matter At All
  1. Good Time/Head-On Collision! LP/CD (Dionysus Records, 2000, ID 123383)
    1. Livin' Is Easy When You're Livin' On ...
    2. Easy Street
    3. Funhouse Mirror
    4. Ugly Blues
    5. Girls Are Made For Lovin'
    6. Quit Feelin' Sorry
    7. Drives Me Crazy
    8. Rather Go To Hell (Than Back To Pawtucket)
    9. Siamese Love
    10. Lights Out!
    11. I'm A Ramrod (The Ramrods)
    12. Got A Feelin'
    13. You Shouldn't Do That (Casey Bill Weldon)
    14. Blues For Phylis (The Flamin' Groovies)
  2. Dead End Radio LP (Rockin' Bones, 2001, RON 023)
      500 copies
    1. Intro
    2. Go Messed Up
    3. Got It All Wrong
    4. Funhouse Mirror
    5. Billy's
    6. In The Nightime
    7. Ugly Blues
    8. Screw With You
    9. Girls Are Made For Lovin'
    10. Drives Me Crazy
    11. Give Me Everything
    12. Boring Little Girl
    13. You Shouldn't Do That
  1. Vol. 1 Garage CD (Eye Magazine, 1999, no
    1. Got It All Wrong
  2. Ultra Swank: Cacophone Sound Action Sampler CD (Cacophone Records, 1999, CACD 2013)
      other bands ? their tracks ?
    1. Got It All Wrong
  3. Groovin' Round The World: A Tribute To The Flamin' Groovies 2xCD (Safety Pin Records, 2000, SPCD-010/11)
      Double Digi-Pack Limited Edition
    1. Blues For Phillys (The Flamin' Groovies)


  1. The Easy Livin' official website