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The Dirtys
United States Of America

Marc "Dirty" Watt
Joe "Dirty" Burdick
Nick "Dirty" Lloyd
"Dirty" Larry


Joe Burdick's musical history
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Marc Watt's musical history

The band officially called it quits on october 24, 1998.

  1. It Ain't Easy 7" (Italy Records, 1998, IR-002)
      Mick Collins is playing guitar on "It Ain't Easy"
    1. It Ain't Easy
    2. Fuck
  2. Teenage Teenage Problem Child 7" (Insurance Scam Records/Transparent Records, 1999, TR-05/ISR-006)
      produced by Jim Diamond at his studio "Ghetto Recorders".
      first editiom, 29 made, special sleeve fully designed and layed out by Screamin Joe Burdick of the Dirtys + insert & two stickers
      second edition, 200 made, limited record release party edition, hand numbered, alternate sleeve by Crypt33, blue vinyl
      third edition, 800 made, regular edition on black vinyl
    1. Teenage Teenage Problem Child
    2. Driving Like A Jerk
    3. Rock'N'Roll Hum
    4. Take It Off
  1. You Should Be Sinnin' LP/CD (Crypt, 1997, CR-086)
      produced by Mick Collins
      engineered by Jim Diamond at his studio "Ghetto Recorders"
    1. Midnite Till Noon
    2. I'm On Fire
    3. Rock It Out Tonight
    4. Alive
    5. Born To Lose Live To Win
    6. I Ain't Cheatin'
    7. Grind Baby Grind
    8. Shanty
    9. Sex Pain
    10. Dirtys Boogie
    11. You Should Be Sinnin'
    12. Pistol Packin' Mama
    13. You Belong To Me
    14. Ain't She Sweet
    15. Drink, Fight ... Fuck!
  1. X-Mas Surprise Package 7" (Flying Bomb Records, 1997, FLB-106)
      clear green or black vinyl
    1. Cocaine Christmas
  2. Ghettoblaster: A Detroit Music Sampler 1997 Volume 1 CD (Motor City Brewing Works, 1997, MCBWGB 001)
      all tracks engineered/produced or both by Jim Diamond
    1. F'd-Up In Outer Space
  3. Weird, Waxed And Wired 2xLP (Ox Fanzine/Radio Blast Recordings, 1998, RBR-019/OXVP 13)
    1. Fuck
  4. Motor City's Burnin' Vol.1 LP (Total Energy Records, 1999, NER 3014)
    1. Asshole Boogie
  5. Motor City's Burnin' Vol.1 CD (Total Energy Records, 1999, NER 3014)
    1. Asshole Boogie
  6. Viva La Vinyl Vol. #3 LP (Dead Beat Records, 1999, DB 22)
    1. Rock'N'Roll Hum
  7. Vol. 1 Garage CD (Eye Magazine, 1999, no
    1. Midnite 'Til Noon
  8. X-Mas Surprise Package (The Collector's Edition) CD (Flying Bomb Records, 2002, FLB-122)
    1. Cocaine Christmas